Voter Registration Media Campaign: “It’s time to check your Data”

On February 1st of 2020, the Directorate-General of Civil Status (DGCS) of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM), with the technical support of UNDP and funded by the EU, launched an outdoor Voter Information Media Campaign to remind the Lebanese citizens to check the accuracy of their data on the registration records from 1 February to 1 March.

UNDP supported the DGCS in the development and production of the media campaign aiming to reach a wide audience of the targeted groups. 500 billboards were distributed along the Lebanese coast covering the high traffic areas, and simultaneously, around 40 LED screens were broadcasting the animated visual in Beirut. Furthermore, 1,000 posters and flyers were distributed to the municipalities and Qaemaqams in order to reach out to the citizens in rural areas as well. Moreover, the animated ad was shared on different local news website and enabled the viewers to access directly the DGCS website.

During this one-month period, these records are open to the public to check their personal data through accessing the DGCS website or visiting the municipality or Mukhtar. It is worth mentioning here that the DGCS, with the support of UNDP, reactivated the Voter Registration tool on its website where the users can check their data simply by using the number of their ID.

The final version of the voter register, which includes any changes brought about as a result of the public inspection of the preliminary registered, is published on 30 March, and is used for any elections held in the next 12 months.


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