“Tripoli votes”: voter information campaign

In the context of engaging citizens and voters to participate in Tripoli’s by elections, the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, supported by UNDP through the Lebanese Elections Assistance Project, funded by the European Union, launched a voter information campaign on 2 April.

It aimed at informing and encouraging the citizens of Tripoli, Lebanon, to participate in the by elections as well as to provide them with the necessary information to vote on 14 April.

The campaign’s TV spot was broadcasted on all the national TV channels, as well as the local channels in Tripoli. It also used the outdoor mediums to reach a wider audience; 50 LED screens, 150 billboards and 10 unipoles were displayed on the road leading from Beirut to Tripoli, where the majority were displayed on the main roads to Tripoli. In addition, the campaign used local social media platforms to maximize its outreach.

The voter information campaign spot is available here:


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