Our activities

Upcoming activities

For the second phase, and following the technical support provided to the 2022 parliamentary elections, LEAP intends to build upon its achievements and continue to provide technical assistance and advisory support to organize and conduct transparent and inclusive municipal elections in Lebanon as follows:

The institutional capacity of the Electoral Management Body in Lebanon will be enhanced and the key electoral processes towards the upcoming elections will be strengthened.

The Electoral Dispute Resolution (EDR) system will be supported through provision of technical assistance and awareness raising and accessibility on the EDR process.

The collaboration and partnership with civil society organizations and civic groups will be enhanced aiming at raising awareness, meaningful and inclusive participation and electoral knowledge.

Main achievements

In accordance with its mandate, LEAP provided support in the organization and conduct of the 2018 and 2022 parliamentary elections, the 2019 parliamentary by-elections and the 2016 municipal elections in four consecutive phases across the country.

The project provided electoral support and assistance to the Electoral Management Body in Lebanon – the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM) – in key electoral areas such as:

  •  Voters’ Registration Update
  •  Voters’ Education and Awareness Media Campaigns
  •  Candidates’ Registration
  •  Electoral Operations and Logistics
  •  Electoral Dispute Resolution System
  •  Trainings and Capacity Building
  •  Results Management System
  •  Accreditation of Observers and Media
  •  Accessibility of Data and Communication


The project also supported the establishment of the SCE in 2017 and continued to provide technical assistance and advisory support to the commission throughout the pre-electoral, electoral and post-electoral periods.

Furthermore, the project provided assistance to the elections dispute resolution mechanism for both parliamentary elections through supporting the Constitutional Council in facilitating their work in order to issue their decisions. 

In addition, UNDP LEAP partnered with national CSOs and international organizations aiming to strengthen women participation and representation in the political life. Through this component, LEAP co-organized training sessions for women candidates developed and produced knowledge brochures and thematic video clips.